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  • The Irreducibly Human Center of Streaming Music Algorithmics

    Anybody who follows me on social networks knows I’m constantly listening to music while I work. You know that because I’m not shy about plugging the best of it through tweets, Facebook status updates, etc. I’m a self-appointed musical recommendation engine for all my social-friends.

  • Rethinking Famous Movie Scenes with a Fun Marketing Data Twist

    I’ve been having a lot of fun on Twitter lately by taking frames from famous movie scenes and rethinking the dialogue. You can see each of the data, marketing and social themed frames in this slideshow. Got a frame from a favorite film that you’d like to submit? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy!

  • Detecting the Signs of Drama and Drift in Customer Loyalty

    In business circles, it has become fashionable to subscribe to the notion that discrete “moments of truth” determine whether customers stay with you or fly the coop. However, that’s merely one-half of the customer-churn equation. In fact, your customer’s loyalty may vanish gradually over time.

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