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  • Whipping Analytics into Shape to Glimpse Customer Experience

    Web analytics data tells many stories. User experience on a website, a mobile app, an e-commerce domain is one of those stories. But if you’re trying to determine from page hits alone whether your website is a hit, you’re going to be hitting your head on a brick wall.

  • Sports Teams: Smack That Ol’ Moneyball Right Out of the Park

    Sport is just a branch of the entertainment industry. As such, I don’t expect that big-data and analytics–a la “Moneyball”–will play a more decisive role in athletic competitions than they do in, say, in determining whether Broadway actors exit stage right or stage left after the climactic scene.

  • Video Post: Analytics in M&E… Indistingushable from Magic?

    Contending with more content delivery platforms than ever before, the rapid growth in mobile devices, and unprecedented competition for audience attention around the world, Media and entertainment companies are under immense pressure to deliver results. Audience Analytics is the key.

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