3 Common Mistakes Made in Porta Potty Planning

If you’re responsible for planning an event that will require porta-potties, then you need to be aware of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to using them. This article will discuss three of the most common errors people make and how to avoid them. Planning ahead is essential when it comes to using portable toilets, so make sure you’re well-informed before your next event!

1. Not Planning for Enough Restrooms

One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to porta-potties is not planning for enough of them. This is often a result of underestimating the number of people who will be attending the event. If you don’t have enough porta-potties, then your guests will have to wait in line, and the overall experience will be less than ideal. To avoid this mistake, you need to make sure you have a good estimate of how many people will be attending the event and how many portable toilets you need for an event. Once you have a number in mind, contact a reputable company for portable restrooms for events in Atlanta to ensure you have enough for everyone. This will make the event run much smoother, and your guests will appreciate it.

2. Waiting for the Last Minute

Another common mistake made when planning for porta potty rentals is waiting until the last minute. This can often lead to several problems, including not being able to get the desired number of porta potties or having to pay a premium for last-minute rentals. It is always best to plan ahead when renting porta potties, as this will give you the best chance of getting the right number of units at the best price. If you do find yourself in a situation where you need to rent porta potties at the last minute, be sure to call around a few different companies to compare pricing. You may also want to consider renting from a company that offers discounts for last-minute rentals.

3. Not Checking for Damages

When you receive your porta potties, be sure to inspect them for any damages. If you find any damages, be sure to report them to the rental company right away. Many companies will offer replacement units if you find damages, but it is always best to avoid this situation by checking for damages before you even use the units. By taking a few minutes to inspect the porta potties before you use them, you can save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run. Moreover, it will also benefit you if you check out how to keep your porta potty clean, as this will ensure that your guests have a pleasant experience using them.

To Conclude

Now you know the three most common mistakes made when planning for porta potties. By avoiding these, you can be sure that your event will run smoothly and without any unpleasant surprises.