4 Low-Light Plants for Your Office Space

Although there are plants to brighten up your outdoor space using deck planters, some people consider the benefit of plants in their indoor space. However, most stop short because of the low-light condition of the building. If you’re one of those, you’re in the right spot. Many plants are available that flourish in low-light conditions, and we’ve picked the best for you. The plants on our list will also thrive even with little care. Below are the low-light plants you should consider for your office space. 

  1. Snake Plants

These plants are attractive yet spiky. They’re native to tropical Africa and strikingly colored in the dark, and bright greens are yellow. Snake plants are famous for two reasons: they love low-light conditions and can survive for days without water in relatively dry soil. 

That means they’re one of those plants you can set up in deck planters and forget. They won’t perish except in cases of extreme neglect. Additionally, they’re known for their ability to filter the air.

  1. Spider Plants

They’re also spiky-looking but tend to grow closer to the ground. Unlike snake plants, this plant has thinner and more fragile leaves. They’re popular indoors because they thrive in shady conditions. They can also survive days without water in relatively dry soil.

One of the reasons we love this plant is how easy it is to propagate. You can turn one plant into several by cutting off small sections and replanting. The cuttings easily take root, and they’re easy to grow indoors.

  1. Bamboo

When most people hear bamboo, they think of tropical plants that need great heat and light to thrive. However, that’s not the case. Even in the wild, bamboos tend to form dense thickets that grow close together that they shut out the sunlight entirely.

Growing them indoors in deck planters is an excellent choice because of their ability to tolerate shady conditions. They’re also drought-resistant and tend to grow quickly. Therefore, this plant will thrive in your office space. 

  1. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy is one of the rare blooms that flourish in indoor spaces. This means you can easily grow these bright blossoms in your office space. Gerbera daisies don’t grow very tall, which makes them the best choice if you have limited space. They also tolerate shade quite well. However, you should note that this plant doesn’t tolerate drought, so you have to water regularly.


We’ve reviewed the best low-light plants for your office space. Although there are countless plants like these four, this is an excellent start for your space, especially when grown in deck planters. They require low maintenance and bring color and inspiration to your workspace.