7 months Pregnant: Baby Development And Bodily Changes


Getting pregnant, especially for the first time is an overwhelming experience. The transformation from being a woman to a mother is special for every lady out there.

When you are at the third stage of pregnancy, you reach the final stretch of the process. By that time, you must feel your tummy growing. Not only that, but you must also be noticing a few symptoms like exhaustion, back pain, heartburn, stretch marks, swollen feet, itchy skin, shortness of breath, etc.

However, different individuals experience different symptoms. Below given are descriptions of the bodily changes and the growth of the baby that you are likely to notice during the 7th month: 

Growth Of The Baby

At this stage, babies often prepare to take birth and turn their heads down, beginning to move downwards. This puts pressure on your bladder. Sidewise, it becomes easier to breathe as it takes some pressure off your lungs. The bones begin to harden but the skull remains soft. The plates of the skull sometimes slide over each resulting in a cone-shaped head during birth. However, the shape goes back to being normal in a few days.

Bodily Changes 

When you are at the third stage of pregnancy, you will notice your tummy size increasing every day. Because of this, you will get stretch marks on various parts of your body like thighs, breasts, hips, arms, etc.

Having a healthy balanced diet is extremely important during this stage. Your skin might also become itchy. Rub moisturisers or soothing oil on your skin and use mild warm water for bathing. At this stage, you are likely to experience a few movements of your baby. Your breasts will swell and become heavier. The colour of your nipples might become dark while the veins might just be prominent. 

Make sure you visit your doctor for regular checkups and get your 7 months pregnant ultrasound done on time. Take as much rest as possible. It might be a bit difficult to sleep comfortably because of the growing size of your tummy. Turn aside and place a pillow between your legs and one supporting your tummy and try to sleep.