8 Benefits of Vegan Footwear

Are you looking to reboot your footwear this coming 2021? Do you want something that will give your wardrobe a refreshing look? Are you searching for sustainable footwear alternatives to leather?

Then you better give vegan footwear a try. Interestingly, analysts project the vegan footwear market to continue growing over the next decade. The experts note that one of the key drivers for this market growth is the consumers’ emerging preference for eco-friendly products.

But shifting from traditional leather shoes to vegan footwear requires a better understanding of the latter. You need to learn about its many benefits to appreciate it in its entirety.

Thus, we invite you to check out the eight key benefits you will enjoy from wearing vegetarian shoes.

  1. Vegan Footwear Is Eco-Friendly

As we mentioned earlier, eco-friendliness is the biggest advantage vegan footwear offers. But how exactly are they earth-friendly? Manufacturers produce these products while keeping their carbon footprints as low as possible.

This is a chief difference compared to the manufacturing process of leather shoes. Leather factories emit significant amounts of toxins during the production of their shoes. In turn, these toxins leak into the environment, affecting both animals and plants.

Furthermore, vegan footwear does not hurt the environment as much as leather shoes do when you discard them. Leather shoes come with preservation treatments that are part of the manufacturing process. In turn, this treatment slows down the decomposition of leather.

  1. No Animal Cruelty Involved

Another key benefit of shifting to vegan footwear is it helps reduce animal cruelty. This is because manufacturers do not use any animal parts in creating their shoes. This means they don’t kill or perform any kind of cruelty to animals.

Statistics reveal that the leather industry kills around 1 billion animals annually to produce leather-based products. And if you think that cows are the only victims of animal cruelty, then you couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Some shoe and bag manufacturers also use skins of lambs and horses to make leather. But through vegan footwear, you can help reduce animal cruelty in the world.

Vegan footwear companies use sustainable materials to create their shoes. One of the top choices is canvas fabrics. Some companies also use a combination of polyester and cotton.

Meanwhile, some use microfibers and a series of polymers. The latter is responsible for giving the shoes their shape.

  1. Topnotch Comfort

In connection with the materials, they also offer a high level of comfort. A perfect example of materials that bring comfort to the foot is bio-based polyurethane or PU. Compared to vinyl leather, PU is more flexible and breathable.

Furthermore, some manufacturers use recycled rubber. Since they are reusing rubber, they help reduce pollution in the process.

  1. Remarkable Durability

If you think these shoes are frail like vegetables, then better think again. Vegan footwear does not lag when it comes to durability and longevity.

For starters, some of these sustainable shoes are tough for daily use. These are shoes that use materials like microsuede, hemp, and bio-polyurethane. As for the latter, it is also waterproof.

This means you don’t have to worry about wearing them during the rainy season.

Leather shoes tend to deform when they become wet. And once winter arrives, they become salt-stained. As a result, the leather becomes too stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

  1. More Affordable

We all know how high the prices of leather shoes. Hence, ditching leather for vegan shoes will translate into more savings. These sustainable alternatives use cheaper and recycled materials.

In turn, they will end up being way more affordable than their leather counterparts. And as you save more money, you can restructure your budget and spend on other essential stuff.

  1. It Looks Stylish

Though vegan shoes are cheaper, they don’t fall short fashion-wise. You can find an extensive lineup of vegan footwear from different vegan shoe brands.

These manufacturers use high-quality materials like microsuede. It is a synthetic polyester that features thin fibers. These fibers mimic the same look and feel of real suede.

  1. You Avoid Fast Fashion

In today’s world where everything seems fast-paced, a lot of people fall into the trap of “fast fashion.” This pertains to the concept wherein certain brands produce relatively cheap items to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

However, the items end up “disposable” as they easily go out of style. Yes, these items may be relatively cheap. But since they serve a short-lived purpose, you end up spending more in the long run.

But with sustainable items like vegan footwear, you can experience the true meaning of cheap. This is because the shoes will last longer compared to their fast fashion counterparts.

Furthermore, most of these cheap items go through cheap manufacturing standards. The problem with this is that they impact both the environment and workers alike.

  1. You Become More Mindful

Last but not least, using vegan footwear and other sustainable clothing items can help you become more mindful about a lot of things. You become more aware of your carbon footprint. You become more conscious of how your decisions impact the environment.

Moreover, you will become wiser as a consumer. You may start to spend more on items that will serve you longer.

Some Shopping Tips

And when it comes to shopping for vegan shoes, there are important factors to consider before parting with your money. First, you need to know the top brands that offer vegan footwear.

Keep in mind that some of the world’s leading fashion brands also offer vegan shoes. But there are smaller companies that carry all-vegan items.

When checking the shoes in person, give the pair a good smell. Genuine animal leather has that distinct smell. Also, always check what the labels say.

If the labels say it has a suede, fur, or leather, then you know that it comes with animal by-products.

Increase Your Knowledge About Fashion

Now that you know the benefits of vegan footwear, you can start adding it to your wardrobe this season. And if you wish to improve your fashion sense, there are many other things to learn.

We invite you to increase your fashion knowledge by reading our other articles. Our different topics will help you become a wiser consumer.