Compliance Officer Strategies for the Changing Text Archiving and Call Monitoring Landscape

It would be an understatement to call this a “difficult” period for corporate communication compliance officers. Compliance like mobile call monitoring has become more complicated in recent years, both as a function and as a company culture, with changing employee behavior and technical makeup being the main factors.

Call Monitoring Requirements

These factors and recent transgressions involving using various mobile channels for illegal activities have prompted corporate executives and important regulators to call for compliance officers to exercise more control over internal communications within the organization. This is specifically through stricter text archiving rules, capture mobile calls, and a more effective call monitoring system.

To efficiently monitor and reduce communication compliance risks, compliance officers don new hats and start cross-division collaboration.

Vague Compliance Objectives Due to Changing Regulations

The swift emergence of new rules and regulations, which have disrupted their established systems and processes, is one of the major concerns for communication compliance experts worldwide.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for instance, mandates that organizations inside and outside the European Union that process the data of EU individuals seek the user’s consent before doing so, such as before recording phone calls. Another illustration is the updated MiFID II call recording regulations, which mandate that businesses record phone calls in the best quality feasible.

Compliance officers face a severe challenge due to these new rules because they go against their current technology capabilities and complicate their command line. The privacy and archiving requirements in these standards overlap, making it challenging for chief compliance officers to assign the task to someone with the necessary knowledge and experience in both areas.


A modern communication compliance officer aims to mitigate this risk by establishing guidelines for using mobile devices and related channels in the workplace. They also seek the best technology to continuously monitor voice calls, text messages, emails, chats, and other mobile content.

Check out this infographic by TeleMessage to learn more about compliance strategies in the workplace.