Importance of the General Trading Licence

Trade licences make sure that businesses follow the UAE’s Commercial Firms Act. Companies should be aware that goods like explosives and armaments cannot be traded with a normal Trading licence as they need clearance or approval from several UAE authorities.

With the exception of alcohol, cigarettes, and firearms, which need permission from the relevant authorities or municipalities, a Trading licence permits the holder to trade in a broad range of legal goods in the UAE.

A general trading licence, which functions as a Commercial license, enables trade inside the UAE and export, re-export, and import through distributors (mainland companies)

The client will be able to trade a variety of unrelated products by getting a single licence, such as a general trading licence.

These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Flowers and Ornamental Veg Trading in bakery goods and bread Trading of Fruit and Vegetables
  • Towels, linens, and blankets Trading of shoes
  • Fabrics for drapes and upholstery Trading of household electrical appliances, washing machines, and refrigerators Trading Domestic Furniture
  • Conditions for Hunting Trading Cosmetics and Personal Care Needs Trading Genuine Antiques, Artifacts, and Works of Art Trading
  • Wall Paper Trading Materials for Packaging and Packing Trading
  • Trading of Telephones and Telecom Equipment
  • Construction machinery and equipment replacement parts Trading of Medical and Surgical Instruments and Equipment Exchange of Aquariums and Display Cases
  • Benefits include the absence of import and export taxes, company and individual income taxes, and any restrictions on capital repatriation.
  • Customers can join the UAQ Chamber of Commerce to make import and export procedures easier.
  • Various visa quotas are offered in accordance with the chosen licence packages.
  • Various visa quotas are offered in accordance with the chosen licence packages.
  • Excellent infrastructure – General Trading licence package may contain various facilities, such as Flexi desks, actual offices, or warehouses, depending on the demands of the client’s business.
  • It is possible to incorporate a company online without the client being present.

The service licence enables the licensee to perform the services listed on the licence within the Free Zone, including staffing, consulting, logistics, courier services, insurance service providers, travel services, tour services, and automobile rentals.

Potential clients are reassured by a company licence that your consulting firm is legitimate. In the majority of states, a consulting firm needs a licence to function lawfully. Credibility can draw new clients, which is crucial when your consulting business is just getting started.