Urgent Visa Cancellation For Changing Your Occupation

If you desire to leave the UAE permanently, all foreigners with a Residence Visa must have their visas terminated. The sponsor, just like when applying for a UAE visa, must cancel the visa on behalf of the expatriate.

If you are changing jobs in the UAE but will not leave, your employer must terminate your work permit on your behalf. It is easier to switch employers if you have previously worked for the previous employer for two years (ie. your work contract has ended). If your existing employment contract hasn’t expired but you want to move jobs, your current employer must sign a No Objection Certificate (NOC) transferring sponsorship to your new employer.

If your existing employer refuses to agree to your contract being terminated early, you may risk an employment ban. The job prohibition can last anything from six months to a year.

If your company signs the NOC and cancels your work permit, you must deliver the urgent visa cancellation form to your new employer so they can apply for a new work permit on your behalf.

How To Apply For Instant Visa Cancellation?

Your sponsor is responsible for cancelling your UAE visa; if you cannot cancel your UAE visa. The following is the procedure for urgent visa cancellation:

  • If you work in Dubai, your superior must first file a request to get your job permit revoked (see below).
  • Your boss submits an application to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs for instant termination of your UAE visa (GDRFA). The person who rejects your visa should be the same one who originally stamped it in your passport.

Therefore, go through the process briefly. To know more about the urgent visa cancellation talk to your expert.

Getting a UAE job permit and visa revoked

Your sponsor can revoke your work permit or the Labour Card and job contract with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation if you are on a Work Visa in the UAE. To enable urgent visa cancellation or a job permit cancellation, you must submit the following application:

  • The Ministry of Emiratisation Human Resources has a webpage where your employer can apply.
  • The materials are electronically attached by your boss.
  • The Ministry temporarily enable the application before sending it to the GDRFA.
  • The GDRFA deducts the Residence Visa and notifies the Ministry, which terminates your Dubai work permit permanently.

In addition to the application for the urgent visa cancellation of your Dubai work permit, your employer must provide a leave letter signed by the person verifying that he had already received the payment, settlements, and other benefits that he is entitled to. If you have not received the letter, do not sign it.

Resident Visa Cancellation

If you leave the UAE for more than six months, your Residence Visa will be automatically revoked. If your UAE visa is revoked while you are on vacation, you will need to reapply for an Entry Permit. Therefore, you must apply for an urgent visa cancellation online.