What are eyelet curtains?

The top of the eyelet curtains has holes with a metal edge. The typical color of these metal openings is silver. Soft pleats that run vertically down the fabric of the curtains frequently extend to the floor. An eyelet curtain panel can be lined with thin material and made of heavy or lightweight fabric.

Before the eyelet curtains are hung, a curtain rod can be inserted through the holes. Curtain rings, on the other hand, can be inserted into each hole and arranged around the curtain rod. Depending on which style would work best in a particular room, either of these looks can be appealing.

Eyelet curtains are hung in two panels, one on each side of the window. Curtains can be pulled out of tie-back fittings to close them if they are attached to the sides of the window with tie-backs. Eyelet curtain panels can be hung in pairs in the center of each window for very large windows or sets of windows along one or two walls. Each set could be made of two different colors or two different shades of the same color for more style. Fabric tie-backs may hold the panels in place in the middle of the window panes in this type of eyelet curtain hanging. The curtains can be closed by undoing the tie-backs.

Eyelet curtain characteristics

The key characteristics of high-quality eyelet curtains, like ours, will indicate that they are genuine eyelet curtains. And don’t worry—you don’t need to be a specialist to recognize them! The vital attributes of eyelet shades include:

They probably have a great design and appear extremely stylish. You can make this as simple or as bold as you want. Because the eyelets or rings are already sewn into the curtain, there is no need to purchase additional hooks or rings to hang them; they will simply slot into the pole.

Due to their natural column-like fabric folds and the way they hang, proper eyelet curtains will have deep pleats. It provides them with that bland look of extravagance.

What types of features can eyelet curtains include?

There may be a wide variety of useful features included with eyelet curtains. Bedroom eyelet curtains, for instance, are a popular option because they provide complete darkness. You could also choose a thermal eyelet curtain for another area of the house. In addition to keeping the heat out during the warmer months, they are ideal for providing insulation and remaining warm and cozy in the winter.

What’s the best way to hang eyelet curtains?

Eyelet shades are presumably the simplest drape type to hang. Eyelet shades will slide straightforwardly onto your drape shaft, yet assuming you need the full impact – ensure that you start by collapsing the drape inwards.

This implies whenever they’re mounted onto the shade shaft, the completed look will incorporate those beautiful profound creases that make this kind of drape so well known.

Top tip: ensure that the last part of your eyelet drapery sits outwardly of the wall section, to effectively get it into place more.