Why You Should Opt For Robotic Surgery

The essential benefit of robotic surgery (หุ่น ยนต์ ผ่าตัด, which is the term in Thai) is to lessen the downtime of any significant kind of treatment. Robotic surgery involves specialised technology that reaches areas that could be difficult with traditional surgery. With robotic surgery, you can see results for your heart, digestive system, bladder, etc. Let’s read the article till its end to know more about the benefits of robotic surgery.

Better Precision

Precision is one of the most crucial parts of any surgery. While humans need much space to perform their surgical process, the robotic hand requires less space and fewer instruments. As a result, the patient can expect fewer incisions and with some precise steps. Apart from that, the robotic arm can reach any tight space easily. So the patient can stay less panicked, relaxed and calm all the time.

Proper Visualization

Generally, the doctors need to perform their surgery from any tight space that can make them uncomfortable during the surgery. However, during the robotic surgery, the robotic arms are attached to a camera that provides a 3D view of the area. So, the doctor can perform their job precisely with better clarity of the surgical area.

Fewer Tissue Damage

For every surgery, there will be done surrounding tissue damage in the area. Generally, the process starts when the incision is made. But with the help of robot-assisted surgery comes better accuracy and precision. So, as a result, you get less tissue damage in the surrounding area. Less tissue damage means the patient can recover from the situation faster and feel less swelling sensation.

Less Pain

The robotic surgery doctor can turn even a complicated surgery into the most successful one. As the surgery is minimally invasive, the patient can feel less pain after the surgery. Using robotic technology, the surgeon can instruct the tools to perform their job and the whole scenario is operated by the doctor. Even the cameras capture the moments here so that these clips can be used for other purposes.


To date, robotic surgery has been proven to be the newest innovation in the medical world. The team has shown its excellence in the same field. Still, if you notice the following things: blood-soaked dressing, fever, yellowish discharge, etc, you should seek immediate medical attention.