3 Popular Bed Canopies of 2022

Bed canopies are sort of curtains that hang around the bed. Initially, these canopies were used in medieval times till the 19th century to offer warmth and privacy. Opposite this, in this modern era, these bed canopies are used for décor and put sheer elegance in designing the bedroom. Further, there are many reasons that you see bed canopies hanging around the bed. First, these enclosed curtains provide you warmth in the cold weather, which you can roll and style around the bed when the summer season arrives. Second, a light net fabric bed canopy is used to prevent mosquitoes from annoying you.

Third, if you are sharing the bed with roommates then this bed canopy can be a perfect choice. It will give you privacy and will prevent light and sight from disturbing you. Further, bed canopies come in endless designs fabrics, and colors. Hence, this blog has picked the popular bed canopies of recent years.

1- EVEN Naturals Luxury Mosquito Bed Canopy

EVEN natural’s luxury mosquito bed canopy is the largest round canopy that effectively keeps mosquitos away from you. This canopy is ideal to fit almost all-size beds.  It comes with luxury features, such as, it has durable fabric, an easy hanging system, 2 openings, internal loops, and a strong carry bag. This canopy is super light in weight and is machine washable. The net has the finest holes that prevent even the tiniest mosquitos from disturbing you. It is ideal to use over the bed of children to protect them from a disease that comes due to bites of mosquitoes. Further, this canopy is easy to install that even a kid can install it. It does not require any assembling skills. You can adjust its height with the easy release system. The best part is, it will offer you a good night’s sleep without restraining air from coming. Fortunately, you can buy more quality bed canopies with Pottery Barn Kids coupon at huge discounted rates

2- G4RCE Round Ball Mosquito For Kids

G4RCE round ball bed canopy bedcover is a mosquito net curtain bedding that looks like a dome tent for baby kids and is best for kids’ indoor or outdoor playing and reading. This canopy is made from pure cotton material to provide ultimate comfort and a feeling of coziness to your children. You can install this canopy indoors and outdoors to offer a safe place for your kids for reading and play. Other than this, for kids who love being secretive like harry potter, this canopy is the best gift for them that will offer them a delicate yet secretive space to study and play. It is a perfect canopy to hang around the bed, hammock, or crib. It comes in different colors to choose from for baby girls and baby boys. Its total height is 245cm and it is ideal for all seasons.

3- White Mosquito Mesh Net For Girls

A white mosquito mesh net is a decorative bed canopy that is specially designed for baby girls. It is a large mosquito bed net that heights 2.6 meters and rounds 2 meters. This bed canopy is the best fit for the best of 1-1.8 meters. It is very easy to install this bed canopy to offer quality sleep. All you have to do is to install a screw in the ceiling to connect the robe. Further, this bed canopy is made with high-quality yarn that is super soft, durable, and lightweight. Its net has the finest holes that prevent even the tiniest mosquitos from disturbing you.