5 Cybersecurity Courses for Beginners in 2021

Cybersecurity has quickly emerged as critical for all organizations.

2020 saw some of the biggest cybersecurity attacks in history.  Not the mention the worst yet cyber attack on the United States government.

Businesses are increasingly fearful of cyber threats as technology advances.

In an uncertain world, learning cybersecurity is one of the most certain ways to advance your career.

Globally, the world is facing a significant workforce gap. The United States alone needs has more than 350,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs.

Start an Exciting Career

Cybersecurity is a quickly growing field with many exciting opportunities. Start an online cybersecurity course today if this field interests you.

If a cybersecurity career is not for you, it is still critical to protect your data online. Hire weprotectid.uk to protect yourself online.

Why Take Cybersecurity Courses Online

Cybersecurity is an emerging field.

This means that learning cybersecurity is unlike many fields. Many of the best cybersecurity professionals are self-taught using online education.

This allows online education to be among the best ways to prepare for a career in cybersecurity.

Take these five courses to jumpstart an exciting new career.

1) StationX VIP Membership

Price: $1119/year

Duration: Unlimited Access to Materials

StationX VIP Membership is a program developed by UK-based cybersecurity expert Nathan House.

StationX claims to be the only resource you need to go from beginner to cybersecurity professional. Many in the industry believe the program achieves this bold claim.

StationX is a self-directed program that is not affiliated with any university. It offers no degree or certificate of completion.

The program provides unlimited access to course materials that prepare students for certifications such as CompTIA, Cisco, GIAC, and many more.

2) Introduction to Cyber Security Specialization

Price: $39-$79/month

Duration: Approximately 4 months

New York University provides the Introduction to Cyber Security as a Coursera specialization.

Coursera specializations provide a series of classes and hands-on projects.

NYU’s Introduction to Cyber Security specialization is meant for students with no knowledge of cybersecurity.

The course builds a firm foundation for cybersecurity that teaches students fundamental concepts and avoids pure memorization.

3) Essentials of Cybersecurity

Price: $716

Duration: 48-120 hours

The University of Washington provides Essentials of Cybersecurity through the edX platform.

The Essentials of Cybersecurity program focuses on the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

The course does not focus on the day-to-day knowledge required to work in cybersecurity. Instead, it teaches students to design a career in cybersecurity.

What career options exist, and how do you achieve them?

4) Cybrary Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity

Price: Free

Duration: 5 hours

Cybrary’s Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity is a free course that is excellent for beginners looking for a basic understanding of cybersecurity.

The course touches on key concepts such as network engineering, system administration, forensics, and penetration testing, among other topics.

5) Cybersecurity Specialization

Price: Free

Duration: 64 hours

The University of Maryland provides the Cybersecurity Specialization as a free Coursera specialization.

This course is at an intermediate level. It is perfect for students who have a basic knowledge of cybersecurity and want to take a step further into the field.

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Technology evolves quickly and no one course or certificate is enough. The cybersecurity profession is well known for its rapid evolution and demands continuous education.

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