5 Factors to consider before choosing a mobile repair store

Working with a damaged phone can be annoying and frustrating. We understand you have spent your hard earned money in buying an expensive mobile phone and can’t risk giving it to any random repairer. With oodles of choices in online mobile repair services, it can be confusing of whom to trust. This article will come in handy to you for choose a trusted and reliable mobile repair service.

Find branded companies like Square Mobile in your location to get the best of services. As per the mobile repairing experts, there are a few things you must check before taking your phone to a repair store.

5 Factors to consider before choosing a mobile repair store:

  1. Experience of the repairer:

Experience plays a vital role in mobile repairing. Expensive mobiles cannot be handed over to an inexperienced immature. An experienced mobile repairer must have repaired mobile phones of different types and models so that they have experience in dealing with various phone issues.

  1. Warranty on services and parts:

Look for someone that provides warranty on their parts and services. If there is any part that is exchanged or replaced with the new, they must show the original packet and cost of the same. Genuine stores do that and they don’t mind providing warranty on any defects or damages on their parts for a specific period.

  1. Quality of services:

Is the store known for offering quality of services? Ask your people around if they have used the repairer’s services for their mobile and how was their experience?  Based on their ratings and reviews you can proceed with your decision of hiring them for your phone repair.

  1. Deadline for the task:

Check the deadline before handing over the phone to them. By when do you expect the phone to be repaired? If your business depends on your phone and you need it soon, check the soonest time they can complete the repair work and handover the phone to you. You must confirm the deadline to avoid further arguments.

  1. Cost of services:

What are their service charges? Different stores may charge you differently based on their name and experience. The charges may also vary as per the repair type and brand of phone. Stores like Square Mobile are transparent of their charges and you must look for someone similar to avoid any confusion.