5 Shoe Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Footwear Looking Brand New

Wondering how to properly care for your shoes? In search of the best shoe cleaning tips?

If your shoes have seen better days, then you may be tempted to go out and buy a new pair immediately. However, you may not want to buy new shoes just yet. There are some things you can do to better care for your shoes and to give your dirty, worn-out shoes a serious update.

In this article, we’ll list 5 shoe cleaning tips that you can use to make your shoes look brand new again.

  1. Start Using Nail Polish

If you want to get rid of scuffs and scratches on your shoes, one of the best tools you can use to do it is nail polish. Nail polish can be a great tool to use to get rid of any dark, surface marks on your shoes and can help you to clear these spots up effortlessly.

To use nail polish when cleaning your shoes, you’ll need to place nail polish on a cotton ball or pad. Then, you can scrub the marks away until they’re gone.

  1. Remove Odors

To keep your shoes smelling great, you’ll want to keep a few special odor removal hacks in mind. One of the best ways to keep your shoes smelling fresh is to put tea bags inside of them and then let them sit overnight. The tea bags will work to absorb the odors and can help your shoes start smelling new again.

For extra power, you can also put a small bag of baking soda into your shoes along with the teabag. Another option is to spray the interior of your shoes with a mix of white vinegar and water.

  1. Use Your Washing Machine

If you’re trying to keep your sneakers clean with little effort, a good hack is to wash them in the washing machine regularly.

To start, you’ll want to scrub away some of the surface dirt on your shoes. Then, you’ll want to remove the laces. Using a cold delicate cycle on your washing machine will be best, but you’ll want to avoid putting them in the dryer. Let them air dry instead.

Keep in mind, however, that you’ll want to avoid using the washing machine for shoes made of certain materials such as leather, satin, suede, and silk.

  1. Get the Right Cleaning Products

When cleaning your shoes, it’s a great idea to invest in some dedicated shoe cleaning products. While there are some great DIY solutions that can help with cleaning your shoes, it’s better to have premium shoe cleaning supplies around.

The best shoe cleaning products will make caring for your shoes a much easier process. They can help you remove scratches and stains better than other cleaners will.

  1. Remove Gum Effortlessly

If you ever get gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, it can be difficult to remove. Luckily, there’s a simple trick you can use to get rid of gum more easily.

To do this, you’ll want to get a piece of ice and apply it to the gum until it’s cold. Once the gum gets cold, it will also get harder, and you’ll then have a very easy time removing it.

Caring For Your Shoes With These Shoe Cleaning Tips

If you want your shoes to look brand new again, you need to make use of these shoe cleaning tips. With a little bit of extra care and effort, you’ll be able to prolong the life of your shoes and keep wearing them for a long time to come.

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