7 Ways to smoothly handle Canadian customs: For importers and exporters

Dealing with customs formalities maybe daunting especially when you are new in the import or export business. There is always a first time for everyone but, it you are well-prepared for the customs process, you will take no time to become a pro in handling these formalities. Most companies are now hiring in-house customs agents to file documents and fill formalities on their behalf.

However, you must learn the basics of customs clearance so that you know how the process is handled at the end in Canada. We have a few ways that can help you enjoy a stress-free custom clearance in Canada. These are shared by experts from Clearit Customs brokerage.

7 Ways for importers and exporters to smoothly handle Canadian customs:

  1. Obtain a business number: A lack of business number leaves a bad impression on others especially the Canadian government bodies. Thus, a business number makes you a serious businessman.
  2. Learn the process: Understand the process well. Catch a customs officer and ask for guidance from them. A thorough understanding of customs process helps any venture to successful clear the formalities.
  3. Understand the permits: Learn the eligibility criteria for specialized goods and services. In most cases, you don’t require permit or license to import goods to Canada; however, some may need a special license. Your customs broker may be able to help you classify what goods require special license.
  4. Get a customs broker: They are a huge sigh of relief. One of the easiest and simplest ways for a smooth customs clearance is to get a customs broker on role. They know the process well and ensure your goods are transferred with minimal efforts and delay.
  5. Check the bans and updates: Never miss out to check the changing rules and laws of the country. You must also check the import bans of same and different country where you intend to import.
  6. Follow the law: It is critically important that you adhere to the laws of the country. Different commodities have different rules and regulations on export and import to Canada. Learn these well before you proceed.
  7. Understand the deadline: Have patience and learn the deadlines well. It takes time to get a clearance from customs. You must keep a track patiently and cooperate with the customs.

Clearit Customs brokerage is one of the firms to look for as they manage everything efficiently and smoothly for the client.