Do summer ants annoy you? Read this guide!

The ants and bugs are common nuisance pests that create problems in summer. Though, these pests are not responsible for transmitting the diseases but are very difficult to get rid of. And, they can easily go to places where food and moisture are present like the kitchen and bathrooms. Here is a simple guide that helps you in keeping the ants away.

  • Carpenter ants

The name is given to them because of their capability to dig the wood. Well, they do not eat wood, but make the tunnels only to build their nests. The ants are a threat because they are capable of causing structural damage.

  • Black ants

The little black ants are named as such because of their look who feed on fatty and sugary foods. Due to their size, they are difficult to locate.

  • Red fire ants

The red ants are very popular for doing painful bites and stings. Their structural foundations can be found in soil. They disturb the people, hence it becomes important to call pest control company.

Prevention tips for avoiding summer ants

  • Removing nest sites

This is successful ant management in which the breeding of ants is stopped. For this, you have to remove debris, vegetation, and oil.

  • Remove water sources

Minimizing the moisture and standing water is a way to prevent ants from coming into your home. You can take the plumbing services for repairing the leaky pipes.

  • Keep the food sources away

It is always suggested to keep the kitchen clean and tidy and not allowing the ants to come inside your home. Hence, you should keep the counters clear and sweep the floors so that there are no left-out remains behind. You can also use products that can be disposed of frequently.

  • Evade the access points

Inspecting the outside of your home is equally important as the inside. Keep the trees and bushes trimmed so that you can prevent the entry of ants. Do seal the cracks present on the outside of your homes.

Ants, rats, and rodents entry can easily be prevented by the homeowners themselves. And, if you are unable to do so, it is better to call the professional help who work with an effective plan.