Gudachari, a must watchable Telugu Movie on crime investigation


While we choose a best movie in the genre of Thriller, Gudachari will be visible in first among the thrillers of latest Telugu movies online. Recently Gudachari added in the library of aha movies and the movie gained wonderful response among movies on aha.

The movie achieved prime place in latest Telugu movies online and as well as in the movies on Aha too.  The low budget movie Gudachari made by Shashi Kiran Thikka as a spy thriller.  Let’s see the details of Gudachari before browsing latest Telugu movies online and check the thrillers in movies on Aha.


Gopi (AdiviShesh) is the son of ‘Raw’ officer Raghuveer.  Raghuveer died in an operation in Sikkim when Gopi was a child.  With this, Raghuveer’s friend Satya (Prakash Raj) raises his identity that Gopi is in danger of death and raises his name to Arjun Kumar.  Arjun rejects many jobs and wants to be a part of his father’s defense.

No response has been received, as forwarded 174 applications applied to all the bureaus like CBI, IB and RAW.  Finally, for the 175th time, he mentions and applies that he is the son of former ‘RAW’ officer Raghuveer.  This time Arjun gets a call.  Arjun is selected for a special team called Trinetra.  Along with Arjun, five others will train in the same team.  Arjun, who looks the best among them, will be appointed as Trinetra 11.

But on the day of Arjun’s appointment, the creator of the trinity attacks Acharya.  Along with Acharya, some officers were also killed in the attack.  The government thinks that Arjuna has become a covert for the terrorists as the attacker came on Arjun’s bike and had Arjun’s fingerprints on the gun that killed Acharya.  Knowing the matter, Arjun escapes from there to prove his innocence.  Who attacked the original ritual ..?  Why did they create it like Arjun did ..?  How did Arjun solve this mystery ..?  That’s the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performances:

Being a Bond-type story, the film revolves around the character of AdiviSesh. The wild remnant of the Indian band acted wonderfully. Action, romance, comedy, emotions, all variations are very well expressed.  Being a self-written story, he himself elevates very well wherever possible.  JagapathiBabu’s entry in the film shocks the audience.  Once again JagapathiBabu impresses in the villainous role.  Akkineni’s successor Supriya has chosen the perfect character for the re-entry.  Her performance as Trinetra Team Officer is superb.

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Director Shashi Kiran has succeeded in unveiling the story of Bond on the silver screen without any confusion. In particular, the screenplay, which planned to give each character a surprise in the film, brought Hollywood status to the film.

Major plus points for the film are the cinematography and the background score. Cameraman Chanel Dio and music director Sri CharanPakala have succeeded in bringing the required intensity to the investigation thriller.

Cast and crew:

Cast: AdiviShesh, ShobhitaDulipala, Prakash Raj, JagapatiBabu,

SupriyaYarlagadda, Vennela Kishore

Screenplay & Direction: Shashi Kiran Tikka

Cinematography:Chanel Dio

Music:Shri CharanPakala

Producer:Abhishek Nama, Anil Sunkara, Vishwaprasad

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Gudachari, a Telugu spy thriller, which highly entertains all.