How Rolex Has Remained A Fashion Marvel With Its Subtle Design Changes

It would not be wrong to suggest that the relentless fashion trends tend to affect all. Regardless of whether you were fashion conscious or not, you would be affected by the latest fashion trends prevalent worldwide. While most people are fond of the present trends, changing colors with the changing seasons, and following and mimicking the hairstyles of celebrities and athletes, others claim to have no interest in the prevalent styles – rest assured that fashion touches the lives of all people from different lifestyles.

You might like it or not, but clothes, belts, buckles, shoes, and accessories that people wear would be based on a select group. They would determine what the shops would sell. It would be based on what has been trending in the season. For more information on the latest trends in watches, you should log on to

Rolex – A Fashion Marvel

Watches have been no exception to the changing trend in the present times. High-profile celebrities would influence numerous people that cannot afford to be unfashionable. Among the major watch manufacturing companies across the world, only a few could safely bypass the fashion trends for their survival. Rolex is the first name that strikes the mind because of its marvelous appearance. Yet another reason for their iconic nature would be the immensely successful design. The company has stuck to the design since its inception. There might be subtle differences in the appearance of the Rolex thirty to forty years ago and the latest model. The major reason would be security, technology, and aesthetic improvements.

Challenges Faced By The Rolex

The biggest challenge faced by Rolex would be the ever-changing fashions, but the ever-inventive counterfeit models of the brand. They look forward to cashing in the golden reputation developed by the company over time. However, Rolex has devised several security measures such as –

  • Holograms
  • Laser-Etched Crystal

These methods have succeeded in rendering the counterfeiters to falter into making designing a replica of the original Rolex watches. It would make it relatively easier for you to identify the original from the duplicate version. The counterfeiters would be required to get the security features accurate along with the design of the watch to replicate the original flawlessly. The small changes in the design of the Rolex made every year would direct towards the present trends.

To Sum It Up

Numerous watch manufacturing companies would design fashionable watches offering the latest designs showing off technical prowess instead of pure aesthetics. However, Rolex has been creating timeless fashion of their own.