How to choose the most suitable lamp for your living room?

If you have recently renovated your house; chose the décor wisely. Thinking of a showpiece that also comes in use can be a wise choice. Table lamp is one of the best decisions to add that can help you with the require light in specific corner and at specific time only. Other than choosing the chandeliers, designers recommend table lamps such as Union table lamps that can enhance the beauty of your drawing room and also provide sufficient light.

With oodles of options, it would be confusing what to choose for your room. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this confusion; there are many who wish to choose the best and most suitable with their room interiors.

7 Tips to choose the most apt lamp for your living room:

  1. Match the paint:

Your floor lamp must match the paint of your room. A completely different look or style may catch the eye, but won’t fit the décor and interiors. After sometime, its attention may annoy to some owners or guests.

  1. Size of the lamp:

Choose the right size of the lamp as per your drawing room. Selecting to small or too large lamp may look absurd. Take some time out to understand the right size as per the corner. The size of the lamp also decides the reach of light. Thus, remember the objective of buying the lamp.

  1. Choose the right color:

Light shade lamps reflect more light and illuminate the room better than dark shades. However, dark shades have their own benefits. A bold shade adds statement to the room. Seek help from your interior decorator if you have to.

  1. Mix the metals:

Some people have the right knowledge to mix metals well. For instance, copper and bronze look cool in combination. Similarly, silver and gold also look great together.

  1. Select the right texture:

Other than the colors and the metals, texture plays a vital role too. A lampshade may be in plain shades or in textured form. These can be chosen as per the type of lamp you choose such as floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, pendants, etc…

  1. Compare the cost:

If you have a budget, then find a few good lamps in the range and compare the cost. If they have the same features, give preference to quality and brand.

  1. Additional features:

Does the lamp have any additional features too? Some come with a dimmer whereas some offer a remote control to operate from a distance. You will find an amazing range by brands like Union table lamps.