iPhone and its extensions

An iPhone has a separate photo editor in its devices. These apps have been evolving over these years. The editing apps of the iPhone were a showstopper from its initial days. These apps involve editing tools that are unique and trendy. The apps which were pre-installed in the iPhone devices were clubbed together in the year 2014. All the features of the iPhone editing apps were present in a single app. Since then, there is no turning back. New features, tools, and editing ideas are added from time to time to cope with expectations. Now, you would see that the iPhone editing app is one of the best in its league. In this article, we will discuss some best iPhone extensions you can use.

What are the extensions?

Extensions are apps or software which enhance the editing ability. These apps will improve the editing capacity of your device. By applying these extension apps, you will be able to use new features and tools for editing your photos. Now, there are many editing extensions for IOS. Not only for IOS, but these extensions can also be used for other devices other than iPhones. Now, let’s take a look at some significant editing extensions you can use.

  • Photolemur

Well, this is the best editing extension app you can use on any device. Besides the inbuilt editing app, this app can overshadow it. The features of this app are unique and fresh. Talking about the experience, this app will give you a professional editing experience. There are professional editing tools that will help you to edit your photos decently. Other than the general editing tools, there are many more that are not yet released in any other editing app. You can visit http://iphotoalternative.com/  for further information regarding this app.

  • Hydra

This one is the ideal choice for an extension for your iPhone device. You can enhance the quality of your photos with the help of this app. Many other controls can be used for basic editing. Other than this, you can turn your photo into an HDR one. There are other great features like hue, saturation, grain, and many more. One of the popular features of this app is the curve correction. You can adjust the curves to sharpen your image in terms of brightness and other color correction. To sum up all, this is an excellent option for a decent extension app.

● Adobe Lightroom

This app is one of the popular apps in recent years. Due to its unique format of editing and compatibility in any device, this app has done it all. This app is not an apple extension. But you can still use it in your iPhone devices as the same. You can edit your photos by applying filters, shadows, and many more editing tools. You can also professionally edit your photos by adding advanced editing tools. Some natural filters will help you to make your photo look real and unedited.

We hope that this article will provide you the necessary data needed.