Is it a good decision to purchase expensive guns?

Are you thinking of buying guns for safety purposes? But is the price of the guns making you think twice. A good quality gun costs a lot because it will serve you for many years and comes with effective features. There are many differences between a cheap and costly gun. A good gun expert will share with you all they know about it. We have gathered enough information for you to know the benefits of buying expensive guns. So here are the different types of guns available in the market with a hefty price tag.

Know the names of expensive guns in the market

  • Draco AK-47 – $1,149

This is a pistol created by having AK-47 in mind. It is a Romanian designed pistol containing 7.62×39 semi-automatic calibre. This type of pistol is compact as well as powerful. That is why it is used by Special Forces. Furthermore, the length of the gun is 19.5 inches. The handguard of the gun is maple wood and it has AKM sights. The barrel is 10.5 inch. So it is a perfect weapon for self-defence.

  • Colt Special Combat –  $2000

This gun is an important one used in the US Army and also Law Enforcing agencies. It has been in the stage for more than a hundred years. The old model of this pistol is 1911 pistol. It has a polymer stock and its barrel is 5 inches. This is the perfect gun for firearms as well as for competitive uses. It comes with the adjustable rear sight and ambidextrous safety lock. Moreover, it has a 3-hole aluminium trigger and improved hammer. This is one of the expensive guns in the market.

  • B&T USA USW 9mm –  $2,244

This is a Swiss-made pistol used by armed forces all around the world. It appears as a compact pistol however it becomes a great self-defence weapon when the stock gets unfolded. It is a good service weapon and is only suitable for expert pistol handlers. Many people buy it because of is an engineering marvel. That is why it is one of the expensive guns.

  • Colt Delta Elite – $1,096

This is an improved pistol model of M1911 pistol. It has a 10mm pistol cartridge. Furthermore, this is one of the effective semi-automatic guns in the world. It has an 8+1 standard magazine and is a suitable gun for beginners. The gun is created with stainless steel and contains a 5-inch barrel. Some of the features of this expensive gun are its composite grips, integral frame rail and Novak white-dot sights.

  • Heckler & Koch Mark 23

This is a German-made weapon existing from 1996. It has 45 ACP rounds and its range is 50 m. The armed personnel’s from the Philippines, Poland, Indonesia and more use the gun. It is also durable even in tough environments as it is water-proof and resistant to corrosion. Many people buy the gun for its effectiveness. It can also be used as a match grade shooter’s weapon without the requirement of the custom parts.

  • H&K USP Compact 9mm – $900

This is also a German-made weapon which is a semi-automatic pistol. The gun has Meprolight Tru Dot night sights, the standard magazine with 13 rounds and polymer frame. Also, this is a suitable pistol for beginners. This is the best expensive gun available in this price range.


These are the expensive guns available in the market worth buying. You can invest your money in these guns and get the best.