Story Of A School Boy (Ram) Falls In Love With Girl (Janani) -THREE

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A recurring question has been the Telugu industry’s constant fame. The industry has been producing a range of dramas and thrillers which seem to vibe with the audience quite well. Telugu artists have been stable with their excellent acting skills and funny dialogue delivery. A lot of Telugu movies are loved by Indians all over and have been dubbed in other regional languages. The industry enjoys incessant appreciation barring a few flops.

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Three – A beautiful love story

Three is a Telugu-dubbed movie directed by AishwaryaDhanush. Nationally acclaimed, Three is originally a Tamil creation starring Dhanush and ShrutiHaasan. The film depicts Ram and Janani’s love story in stages of three. Three is more about emotional elements rather than commercial inputs. The movie begins with the scene of a coffin surrounded by Janani and other mourning people. The story progresses with the first stage of their love showing Ram and Janani as school kids. The second part portrays them as college lovers, and the third part depicts their mature love.

Three is gripping from the start with the cast being totally flawless with their acting. The music tracks and background scores are a beauty and add a touching element to Three. The movie opens with Ram’s death and keeps the story engaging as the audience tries to unveil the mystery. It is the kind of love story that tells you happy endings are not always a reality. The reason behind Ram’s suicide forms the crux of Three. Aishwarya has undoubtedly created a dark and bold piece as a debutant.

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