The Mail That Never Fails: How to Use a Shipping Courier Service

Are you looking to get mail delivered super-fast and with maximum security? If so, you’ve probably come across the idea of a shipping courier service.

But now you are probably wondering exactly how to go about using one of these services. Well, this article will explain everything that you need to know.

We will answer the big questions like ‘What is a shipping courier service?’ We will go into all the details about how these services operate and how you can make the best use of them.

So, in the spirit of speed, let’s get straight to it!

What Is a Courier Service?

A courier service is a type of company that specializes in delivering mail and packages either domestically or internationally. However, using a courier service is different from using the normal public mail system.

Shipping courier services developed out of a need for individuals and businesses to access faster shipping with absolute reliability. So, the two main features of the modern shipping courier service are:

  • Speed
  • Security

As transport and technology have developed, the shipping times for items has significantly decreased. This means that it is now even possible to use a next day courier service, giving you guaranteed delivery within one day.

Features of a Courier Shipping Service

Not all courier services are exactly the same, but there are some common features to look out for. You may need to pay more money to access some of the premium features, depending on the courier service you are using.


One of the main features of a modern shipping courier service is trackability.

Tracking occurs when your envelope or parcel is given a unique barcode, which stays with it throughout its journey. What this means is that, at each point along the journey, the barcode will be automatically scanned and the system updated so that you know exactly where your parcel or envelope is.

For example, you may post a parcel and then you will get updates when:

  1. The parcel is en route to the town or city where the delivery location is
  2. The parcel has arrived at the local depot in that town or city
  3. The parcel has been loaded for delivery
  4. The parcel has been delivered


Another feature that makes this whole process more reliable is that the receiver of the parcel will often have to sign for it. This means that there is a legal record that the journey for the parcel has been completed.

This is particularly useful, for example, when you are sending items of worth and you don’t want to leave yourself liable when the receiver claims they never received the items.

Photo Confirmation

Sometimes, in addition to (or instead of) a signature verification, the courier service will take a photograph of the delivered parcel. This proves that the parcel’s journey was completed.

However, it doesn’t give you as much security because the parcel could still be stolen from the drop-off location.


Many shipping courier services will also offer insurance on your delivery. This means that, if the courier loses the parcel, they will reimburse you for the value of it. This can also happen in the event that the courier accidentally damages the parcel.

Usually, large courier services have their own insurance mechanisms in place so that they are refunded if they lose or damage extremely expensive items.

How to Use a Shipping Courier Service

Now you’ve got the details sorted, you’re probably wondering how to use a courier service. Well, before you start searching for the best courier service near me, you need to have a quick think about what features you need.

Choosing Your Required Features

Usually, this is going to involve a trade-off between cost and benefit. For next-day delivery service, you will obviously be paying a premium because the courier may have to send your package using planes and even dedicated delivery drivers.

You are also going to need to work out how much security your courier service can provide you. This will come in the form of a reception guarantee (signature or photo confirmation) and security.

Some courier services will provide these features as standard for all of their services, while others will bump the price up accordingly.

Get Sender Confirmation

Although you can get a receiver confirmation, it is also useful to get confirmation that you have actually shipped the parcel. This can be valuable when you need to prove to someone (or probably a company) that you have actually sent them the thing you have told them you are going to send.

If the package does go missing, this will also give you at least some small level of cover.

The sender confirmation will usually be separate from your shipment receipt and may involve a photo and signature confirmation.

Get Tracking Details

Make sure you get the details you need to track the package through the delivery process. This may be a barcode, QR code, or a numerical code.

But ask the shipping courier for the details of the website you need to use to access the tracking service. Some couriers will sue their own website, while others will use tracking technology offered by a larger company.

Wait and Confirm

Now you have done all you need to do. Just wait, track the parcel, and confirm with the receiver when the parcel has been delivered.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Many people are driven to a shipping courier service because they simply need to get a parcel from A to B within a guaranteed timeframe. But, for others, using a courier is a decision they have to make.

When choosing whether to use one, you just have to think how prepared you are to lose the parcel in the mail. Is it worth a lot of money? Is it very important?

If you answered yes, then the security and reliability of a good shipping courier service are hard to beat.

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