Top 7 Balinese Cakes That Are Worth Trying

Besides having many choices of typical food, Bali is also rich in delicious cakes. There is nothing wrong if you try it when you visit Bali later. You can even bring some types of cakes back to Thailand. No need to be confused about which cakes you should try there, because we have prepared several recommendations for you, including the following.

  1. Bakpia

Not only Jogja, but Bali also has Bakpia cake. The typical Balinese Pia itself has the same shape and material as the typical Jogja Pia. The difference lies in the more varied stuffing of Pia Bali. In addition to containing green beans, Balinese Pia also has fillings such as chocolate, cheese, and strawberries. In Bali, two big brands sell Balinese Pia, namely Pia Legong and Pia Eiji. Both of these brands serve delicious Pia Bali and have many variants of filling flavors. Pia from these two brands is suitable for you to eat and for you to take home.

  1. Jaje Injin

Jaje Injin is a Balinese cake made from black sticky rice. The essential ingredients are steamed until cooked, then drained. After that, it is given a sprinkling of grated coconut and liquid brown sugar on top. Even though it’s a cake, it doesn’t look like a cake. If you look at its appearance, you will think that this cake is an ordinary black sticky rice dish topped with coconut and brown sugar. You can find Jaje Injin itself in several traditional markets in Bali. A walk to the market while looking for this culinary will make your vacation more exciting.

  1. Pisang Rai

If you look outside, this cake is more or less similar to the typical Ijo Banana Ice from Makassar. The difference is that Pisang Rai is not given a sweet and iced sauce like Pisang Ijo and the green dough are slightly thinner. This cake itself is made from bananas cut into several pieces. The bananas used are horn bananas, plantain; or Ambon bananas that are not too soft and old. The bananas will then be wrapped in green dough made from rice flour, coconut milk, green dye, and tapioca flour. Like the last Balinese cakes, this cake will also be served with a sprinkling of grated coconut and brown sugar.

  1. Bendu

Bendu is a typical Balinese cake that you will find in Jembrana Regency. Bendu has the appearance of spring rolls wrapped in banana leaves and has a sweet until sugar filling. The outside of the Bendu is made from glutinous rice flour, while the filling is made of brown sugar, salt, and grated coconut. Although it comes from Jembrana, this cake can also be found in other areas in Bali, including Denpasar. In Bali, this cake is usually served in several traditional ceremonies and government events. Even so, you can also eat this cake on regular days.

  1. Laklak

In appearance, this cake is similar to pancakes found in some areas on the island of Java. The color of this cake is greener (and sometimes also white), and the shape is more minor than pancakes. Laklak cake itself is made from a mixture of rice flour, water, and suji leaves. The mix of these materials is then molded and cooked on a hot coals stove. Once cooked, this cake will be served with liquid brown sugar and a sprinkling of grated coconut.

  1. Jaje Bantal

Jaje Pillow is a cake made from white sticky rice and given a special filling. The filling used is usually a banana or red bean. After being given the filling, this cake will later be wrapped in young coconut leaves and tied with bamboo rope, so that the shape of this cake resembles a pillow. Its pillow-like shape makes this cake called Jaje Pillow. Apart from being eaten as a light snack, this cake is also commonly served at a number of occasions such as weddings, entertaining guests, and offerings. Especially for wedding moments, this cake is usually brought by the groom.

  1. Pie Susu

Pie Susu is a typical Balinese cake that is quite well known by the public and tourists. Besides being consumed directly, this one cake is also usually a choice of souvenirs for tourists. Balinese people typically serve this cake for family events or worship activities. Pie Susu itself has a pie-like shape but is slightly flatter. In the middle of this cake, you will find a sweet and savory yellowish milk fla. This cake is suitable to be eaten directly as a snack or to complement your tea time. Moreover, nowadays, the packaging is straightforward to carry as souvenirs.

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