Use this Guide when Buying a High Chair for your Baby

Feeding time can be challenging, so you want to invest in a high chair that helps. The best high chair is sturdy and safe as well as comes with the right features to make feeding time easy. Keep reading to know what to think about when purchasing a stand-alone high chair:

 Ensuring the Safety of your Child

Check the chair when it is set up in the store. Rock the chair to check its stability and play with moving parts to check for limb or finger traps. There is a wide variety of styles available, so ensure you don’t sacrifice safety to purchase one that looks great in your kitchen or dining room. Check out great options of PinkiBlue high chairs online if you want the most dependable chair for your little one.  

 What to Look For

Below are the most important things to look for when choosing a high chair for your baby:

  • Five-point harness. Ensure the harness has shoulders, crotch, and waist straps so your child cannot fall or climb out. Check that the shoulder straps attach to the seat at shoulder height for more effective restrain. 
  • Construction. Ensure you are getting a high-chair with sturdy construction. It must be strong enough to carry your child’s weight. 
  • Stability. Make sure the chair’s legs spread outwards further than all other parts. The floor space’s area between the four legs must be greater than the area of the seat. Avoid chairs with perfectly vertical legs because they are not stable. 
  • Castor wheels. These wheels are important to move the chair around. But, you must ensure they have brakes that lock in position on at least two of them. 
  • Moving parts. All the moving parts of the high chair must not be able to crush, pinch, or trap your little one’s limb, finger, toe, or head.