Video slots and 5 reel slots and what to know about them

In case you are interested in playing video slots and 5 reel slots, you will find them on most situs judi slot online resmi and thus, a need to learn about them beforehand.

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Video slots

The video slots refer to slot machines which don’t have spinning reels. They only have a computer monitor that has spinning reels which are animated. They are normally powered by the random number generator – RNG. The games normally come with a lot of bells and whistles such as wild symbols and scatter symbols. They also have bonus games.

All the online slot machines are regarded as video slots because even if they have the 3 reels, a flat top jackpot and a single pay line, they will still utilize animated reels and computer monitor unless you decide to have some computer type which can actually spin the reels.

5 reel slots

Majority of the 5 reel slots games are known to be a subcategory of the video slot games. The concept tends to be quite easy enough to be able to grasp. It is a game which has 5 reels instead of the common 3 reels.

One advantage that the 5 reels slot machines have is that, you will be able to have more pay lines. The math which is behind it is easy to be able to understand as well. Because you are having more reels as well as stops which are visible on every reel, it becomes easier to set up more potential combinations for paying.

On the other hand, because the games normally have 5, 10, 15 or 25, or more bets pay lines per spin, it can be able to add up very fast than you might imagine. You will also come across 6 reels as well as 7 reel slot machines readily available.

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