Ways to Follow Step 1 of The 12 Steps Program   

What Is the First Step in The Alcoholics Anonymous Program?

When you choose to stop drinking alcohol, the road to recovery begins, and it continues throughout your abstinence. The 12-step program Alcoholics Anonymous helps people recover from alcoholism. In the first step of AA, we confess our helplessness over alcohol and our unmanageable lives.

It is not easy to admit you have a drinking problem, but admitting it is the first step to real change. AA is a group of people who have overcome their addiction to alcohol. The first step is to get sober and stay sober with a 12-step program. In spite of the fact that this is the first step towards sobriety, many AA members must contemplate it as they recover.

Step 1 of AA: How to Follow It

1. Deliver a speech at an AA meeting.

At certain meetings of AA, all attendees have the opportunity to speak. It is a requirement for the individual to state his or her first name and acknowledge being an alcoholic before speaking. With this approach, you admit to the group that you have a drinking problem and participate in Step 1.

2. Seek the help of a therapist or an AA sponsor.

When you decide to seek addiction treatment for your alcoholism, you accept the fact that you will not be able to stop drinking under your own. It can be beneficial to have a therapist to aid you in establishing ways to stop drinking and to be one of the persons you can turn to for assistance when you require it. AA sponsors can also be of help, preferably someone who’s been sober for a long time and knows what it’s like when you feel compelled to drink. He can listen to you and help you when you feel compelled to drink.

3. Tell someone if you are tempted to drink.

Alcoholics may hide their desire to drink because they are embarrassed or believe that they are no longer tempted by alcohol because they have chosen not to drink. Slips and relapses are possible as a result of this. The fact that you have a problem with your sobriety today is immediately acknowledged when you tell at least one human being that you are experiencing difficulties with it today.

4. Tell someone if you drink.

It can be very embarrassing for alcoholics who are trying to get clean if they slip up and have a drink. On the other hand, keeping your errors to yourself will give the impression that you are in control when you are not. You acknowledge you have no control over alcohol if you tell your sponsor or another trusted person that you drank immediately after getting sober.

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