What is MSK Digital Health and How Does it Work?

Using an online doctor or care platform is not only convenient but can also be very cost-effective. This is especially true in cases where the doctor cannot visit the patient in person. Many major insurance companies have implemented online doctor visits for their members, which is very cost-effective for them. These benefits can reduce costs, increase convenience, and improve outcomes. These are just a few of the advantages that MSK digital health offers.

Behavioral science-led care

Digital solutions have many benefits, including the potential to lower medical spending. Some of the most popular options are musculoskeletal care, diabetes, and mental health. However, MSK care is the area that can benefit the most from digital health. This is why it should be the first area that you consider. The technology can help you reduce overall medical costs while increasing your employees’ health. A significant benefit is that they can enable patient self-management. These programs can help patients improve their ability to manage their care and promote access to the best care possible. They also allow for increased flexibility, patient autonomy, and mobile health. MSK digital health solutions can help people improve their quality of life by implementing evidence-based practices that target individual health and behavior. 

Improved convenience

With the increasing prevalence of remote work, digital health services are becoming increasingly important to employers. In addition to supporting employee well-being, these services can prevent adverse effects on an organization’s bottom line. MSK digital health services have also been shown to improve patient outcomes. This may be because the digital program acted as a substitute for conventional care or because participants practiced exercises and stretched through the program.

Reduced costs

A digital MSK health solution can identify wasteful spending and highlight high-value providers and services. It can also help identify evidence-based care standards to measure healthcare outcomes. In addition, a digital MSK health solution can measure and compare the utilization and costs of different MSK health programs and identify cost-effective approaches to managing them.

The benefits of MSK digital health include reduced costs of care and increased patient access. Increasing access to care and a data-driven, holistic approach is key to delivering a high-quality care experience. In the past, patients could only access care in a physical setting when they were physically present, but today, that has changed with digital MSK.

Improved outcomes

Improved outcomes of MSK digital health programs are a vital objective for the company. These solutions can reduce healthcare costs and overall recovery time and help patients take an active role in their care. With a human-first approach, recovery pathways are designed specifically for each patient. Users can select from more than 200 clinically-validated exercise routines and recovery pathways. In addition, recovery pathways are designed to provide patients with behavioral support during recovery.

The study also found that participants who participated in digital MSK programs had lower healthcare utilization than those in the control group. This may have occurred due to the reduced need for invasive care. Furthermore, participants reported practicing stretches and exercises through the program.