How to Find an Affordable Maid Insurance in Singapore?

Maid insurance is one of the most discussed topics in Singapore because there is a huge amount of foreign domestic helpers. These helpers are responsible for taking care of the younger, elders, babies and maintaining the household chores. As per the government law of Singapore, you should buy hl assurance insurance for maid.

But still, many Singaporeans don’t know about this and pick any of the insurance plans to follow the guidelines. So, therefore today, we bring some of the most amazing ways which help you to find an affordable maid insurance plan. If you want to pick an ideal coverage for your maid, then let’s check the minimum requirements for this first.

What are the minimum requirements of purchasing a medical insurance plan?

As an employer, it is mandatory to purchase a maid insurance plan for the domestic helper. This insurance is helpful to give coverage on medical & personal accidents. So, as per the Ministry of Manpower, the below things are required to purchase the best critical illness cover:

  1. You should buy personal accident insurance of a minimum of $60,000 yearly that can cover the unexpected and sudden demises or incidents. In case of permanent disability and death, your maid’s family can get coverage.
  2. Medical insurance is having a yearly coverage of $15,000 for inpatient care & day to day surgery in case of any severity. Well, almost every policy in Singapore covers these two requirements as needed by the MOM.

What an ideal maid insurance plan should covers?

  • Hospitalization

To be a good employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety and health of your maid. So, you should choose a maid insurance plan that covers the benefits of hospitalisation charges & surgical expenses. If your helper falls sick or if he/she is injured, you don’t have to pay their bills from your pocket.

You can claim for the medical bills if you have a maid insurance plan. So, when you have a plan that covers medical bills, then you don’t have to fear the expensive medical bills. Now take your helper to the medical whenever it is necessary.

  • Outpatient treatment

Your maid is someone who looks at your home after you. So, what if your pets bite him/her or if some accidents may occur while cooking? So, in such cases, your maid may require surgery. In such a case, you may cost heavier. So, if you want to remove the burden, then you choose an insurance plan that provides coverage on outpatient treatment. The amount you claim for the outpatient surgery depends upon your type of insurance plan.

  • Personal accidents

As per the MOM, you should provide a plan to your maid, which provides coverage on personal accidents. Personal accident coverage is mandatory. If your domestic helper is in bad condition or going through any permanent disability, they should get coverage from the insurance company.

Well, the amount of claim depends upon the type of your plan. Some of the advanced and costly plans provide higher coverage, while some of the plans cover lower amounts. This amount is provided to your domestic helper or his/her family members.

  • Repatriation

If in case your helper is died or permanently disabled, then they should get better insurance. You should choose an insurance plan that offers a repatriation payout to your maid. The amount is paid to you or their family so that you can send them home and for a proper and respectful burial.

  • Security bond

Many Singaporeans hire domestic helpers from different locations. If you are hiring any domestic helper from Malaysia, then according to MOM’s rule, you have to buy a bond from the insurance company first.

This amount of bond may vary according to the location of your maid. To check this amount you have to visit different insurance companies. You have to pay the same type of bond amount if you hired a domestic helper from the Filipino.

  • Wage compensation

To choose the best kind of insurance plan, you have to go through the different policies. Different policies have different rules and coverage. So, it is necessary to visit different insurance companies and check different insurance plans for your helper. Some maid insurance plans also provide you a daily allowance in case.

Suppose your helper is in hospital and can’t work for the illness. This type of coverage is popular as wage compensation. This is provided to you so that you can pay your helper wage at the right time. In this way, your helper can earn the wage until he/she is recovering from the accidents.

  • Third-party liability

If your helper destroys someone’s else property without any bad intention, you still have to pay them a bill. To save your cost, you should pick a plan that also provides coverage on third-party liability.

  • Critical illness cover

In case if your domestic helper is suffering from a critical illness, then the company will provide a lump sum amount to them. Not every policy offers this facility, but you can add this to your plan to make that more advanced. In this case, they will get help if they are suffering from a stroke, cancer, heart attack, etc.

  • Maid’s personal belongings

You can also choose the policy that offers coverage if your helper’s smartphone, laptop, or other belongings may include theft. It provides protection against the belongings of your maid.

  • Theft & replacement of maid

You should choose a policy that gives you coverage in case if your maid theft any personal belongings of yours. There is also some kind of plans that offers coverage on the replacement of maids. If you want to change your old domestic helper, then the company will provide you an amount to search for a new domestic helper.


Singapore is popular for its strict rules and regulations. As a responsible citizen of Singapore, you have to follow all the rules and regulations. Pick an ideal insurance plan that goes with your requirements and protects you from sudden accidents.