The Server Nutanix: Transforming Data Centers

Its innovative server products are redefining the data center business landscape. Most importantly, the Server Nutanix (เซิร์ฟเวอร์ Nutanix, which is a term in Thai) boasts efficiency and reliability, high performance, scalability, and simplicity of IT infrastructures.

Compact and Powerful: The 2U Design

Not surprisingly, NX 1365 G6 comes in a compact 2U architecture that can hold three nodes in one rack space. It also ensures there is no wastage of physical space, making it easy to manage and maintain the system’s infrastructure. It is a good option for businesses that need to maximize their data center’s space utilization.

Supercharged Processing: Dual Intel Skylake Processors

Two Intel Skylake CPUs drive Nutanix NX 1365 G6 clocked at an impressive 2.2 GHz. The robust 10-core Skylake 4114 architecture in these processors makes it easy for the server to efficiently multitask even the most challenging jobs, such as virtualization and database administration.

Storage Solutions: Speedy SSDs and Roomy HDDs

Nutanix does address storage in a good way. Each node has a high-speed 960 GB 3.5 inch SSD, providing fast information access. Moreover, each node can accommodate two 3.5-inch 4TB hard disk drives for extra space to store big data sizes.

Memory That Matters: DDR4 2666MHz Modules

In recognizing the need for memories, Nutanix equips its nodes with DDR4 (Dual Data Rate Fourth generation) 128GB (4×32 GB) memory packages. A sizable RAM enables the server to complete many tasks effortlessly.

Connectivity Made Easy: Dual NIC Setup

Nutaniux can deliver good connectivity for modern servers. Each Nutanix NX 1365 G6 node has two network interface cards (NIC). Each NIC has two functions, one for standard networking (dual 1GbE Base-T network adapter) and the other for high-speed purposes (dual 10GbE dual SFP+ network adapter).

Powering Up: Redundant 1540W Power Supply

It is also important to use power appropriately. A 1540W redundant power supply at the most with an average rating of 1080W drawn upon. It guarantees uninterrupted running, thereby lessening downtimes, which enhances system dependability.

Warranty Confidence: 3 Years with Pro License

In this context, Nutanix takes pride in its server quality, as indicated by a three-year warranty policy for the Nutanix NX 1365 G6. This policy and the Pro License give the business confidence that their money is well protected and supported.


The Nutanix NX 1365 G6 is a heavy hitter on server architecture. Its small size, strong processing capabilities, flexible storage, generous memory, and reliable connectivity make it a perfect device for companies operating in today’s complex digital environment. Please call 095-484-9090 for further clarifications.