5 Destination for Low Budget Stuff in Jakarta

Finding quality used clothes through a thrift store is a significant advantage, you know. You can get branded clothes at very low prices, even while preserving the environment from not following fast fashion trends. In addition, used clothes are no less fashionable than clothes in the mall. Even if you are lucky, you can find a treasure trove of rare, economical, and famous items of their era. Are you interested in looking for clothes at a thrift store? Below are some of the well-known thrift stores in Jakarta that are near the Jakarta boarding house.

  1. Pasar Santa

This market in South Jakarta is a collection of the hipster community. There are plenty of second-hand shops in a neighborhood full of kids who love music, fashion, and a particular food.

A number of used clothes with various themes are here. Starting from ring tops, boho, to different accessories. You can even bid on what you want, or it can be very affordable.

After buying clothes, remember to buy accessories to make your appearance trendier. Close Santa’s Market, where there are lots of comfortable boarding houses that might be enough to be a recommendation for finding your boarding house. It’s good, isn’t it, even boarding near the location of a thrift store.

  1. Footurama

A thrift store located in Como Park, Kemang, stocking a wide variety of new and used clothes. Even though it’s small, you can play with nostalgia in this shop because there are toys from the 90s that can still be used, especially in the arcade. Apart from being a screen, dingdong also presents another experience for people.

  1. Pasar Senen

If you’re talking about a secondhand shop, Pasar Senen can’t be missed. This marketplace that sells the largest used products in Jakarta provides a wide variety of branded and adequate used clothing. Starting from IDR 5,000 – IDR 200,000, it is possible to have branded clothes already in your pocket. Oxford-style tops – favorite blouses and bright hats – can be found here. If you are lucky, then you can find lots of genuine branded products of good quality. The drawback is, I’m just not comfortable buying here because the place is so hot!

  1. Pasar Baru

A thrift store that is no more expressive and mystical is Pasar Baru. Finding vintage clothes here is much more fun than at Pasar Senen because the place is much more contemporary and comfortable. Various kinds of clothes are also available here. It is indeed more expensive than Pasar Senen, but the shop owner has already selected his merchandise so that you will get a high-quality product.

  1. Tarigan Collection

Don’t be fooled by the term outside a busy shop hanging several clothes. You will find branded goods such as the classic Adidas and Giorgio Armani at this shop in North Jakarta.

Indeed, what is used is the product quality, adequate for use, and not up to date with current trends. Unfortunately, this shop doesn’t offer air conditioning either, and that means you have to be a little stuffy to receive a decent item at a minimal price.

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